Your beautiful and sensitive photographs have been a vital part of our exhibition, "China: The Life of a People." Your highly developed technical skills, artistic eye and sensitive handling of subject matter are evident throughout your work. Kimberly Sovinski, Curator, Palm Beach Photographic Centre

We appreciated your beautiful images of foreign marketplaces. They added much excitement to our editorial pages. Angela Gaudioso, Photography Editor, The New Yorker

Sometimes photographers working abroad, look at people as objects instead of humans...but you capture compelling images with sensitivity, grace, and kindness. To be accepted can be challenging, but the crowd at Oman's traditional livestock market was fine with you being there. Anne Farrar, Director of Photography, National Geographic

I've had a wonderful time viewing your films. I am thrilled! Through your work I've traveled through continents and learned about their cultures and geography—and seen the smiles on people's faces. You have filled my soul with wonder! Nese Zinn, owner, Zinn Gallery, Charleston, SC

I watched your beautiful civil rights documentary film and was deeply moved by it. It's a powerful reminder of how race continues to define our lives. Dr. William Ferris, Joel Williamson Eminent Professor of History, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

On behalf of a grateful community, thank you for your film about Dr. King. Our lives and future generations are enriched by your work.

Carl Snowden, Founder of the Annual Awards Ceremony commemorating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King and honoring contemporary civil rights leaders. Baltimore, Maryland

Your Iran film is such a wonderful contribution, as is the rest of your work. It captured the purity and beauty of the people of Iran and their supremely beautiful architecture, art, and culture. It really evoked an emotional response and angered me to think there are those at work plotting against the stability of that nation. Patricia Varner, TV Journalist, Atlanta, GA

You write and photograph like poets! The descriptions of exotic places made me feel like I was there. Berhan Neblioglu, Fashion Influencer/Consultant, Charlotte, North Carolina

Your magazine story is the finest ever written about our inn...not many writers grasp the essence of what people love about The Swag. Deener Matthews, owner/founder, The Swag, Waynesville, North Carolina.

As a dancer traveling through time, one of the most difficult things to maintain is the compelling visual image. You've captured it in your work. Thanks for making Art out of my Art and sharing the joys of my effort. Mel Tomlinson, former Principal Dancer, New York City Ballet